Grab Bag Sale

Grab Bag Sale

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First ever pin grab bag sale! Each grab bag will contain a random assortment of 6-8 pins! Our pins normally retail for between $10 and $17, so there are major savings to be had. Additionally, a large portion of the bags will contain at least one interactive pin! So you have a pretty good chance to get an interactive pin as part of this specially priced deal.

A couple of things to note. The grab bags will contain standard and interactive pins, as well as a few B-grades with minor flaws. Since the pins included in each bag are completely random, if you purchase more than one bag or are a repeated customer, you may receive more than one of the same pin. And no returns or exchanges on these—sorry! But I am sure you will find that you get your money's worth. ;)

**The pins on the photo are just samples**

***Discounts may not be applied***