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Durian Enamel Pin

Durian Enamel Pin

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• Occasionalish Gives Back •

Durian is famous (or infamous) for its super strong scent—it is known as the world’s stinkiest fruit! Many don’t enjoy eating this common Southeast Asian fruit for that reason, but durian still has its loyal fans who love the unique taste.

Proceeds from this pin will be donated towards the Karen (Kariang) tribe at the Thailand-Myanmar border, helping them access water, shelter, clothing, and other necessities.


In the jungle about an hour away from my hometown of Hua Hin, Thailand, there is a tribe of people known as the Karen/Kariang. Their predecessors were exiled from Burma about 100 years ago and were granted asylum along the Thai-Burmese border. Since then, they have been forced to stay within this region, without government assistance, education, or social services. For over a century, they have been denied citizenship from both Thailand and Burma.

As a child, the first time my father asked me to choose some of my toys and clothing to donate to the Karen people, I did what he asked, and went with him to visit the Karen village to bring them our donations. But it wasn't until our second visit to the village that I truly understood why we were doing this. 

When we went back to the village, I saw kids wearing the clothes I had brought last time, playing with toys that I had given them. And they were so happy. I was struck by the fact that something that was "just a toy" or "just a dress" to me was so precious to the children of this tribe. 

That feeling has stayed with me throughout my life, and to this day, I try to live with the mindset that if there is something I can do to make life better for someone else, I should do it. 


An enamel pin to add flair to your collar, jacket, or bag. Perfect for collecting, displaying, or gifting to a friend!

The pin is made with hard enamel and polished gold-colored metal plating. It has two posts on the back for extra security and comes with rubber clutch backings.

• 1.25" Hard enamel pin
• 2 Posts with rubber clutches
• Designed by @occasionalish

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