The Occasionalish Guide to Holiday Gifting

The Occasionalish Guide to Holiday Gifting

It's December and time to start planning out this year's holiday gifts! Choosing gifts for everyone can be overwhelming, so to help you out, we've created a little guide for you. No matter who is on your list this year, we think we've got them covered!

For the planner

First off—everyone has that one "planner" friend. You know who I'm talking about, right? The one who always knows what to do, whose birthday it is, remembers who said what, and basically makes everyone's life run more smoothly by working their planning magic. For the planner, we recommend the Daily Affirmation Notepad. This large notepad is designed to be kept on the desk so that they can easily jot down some quick notes or check off an item from their to-do list. And because planners are often so concerned about taking care of everyone one else that they forget about themselves, there is also a section for daily affirmations and today's wins, to help them reflect on what an amazing human being they are and all the awesome things they have done today!

Alternatively, this notepad is also great for that friend who needs just a little bit of help with organization... ;)

For the plant lover

Plant lovers, unite! We know a lot of you out there are plant lovers, or have friends who love plants. So we have TWO gift ideas for all the plant folks out there! First, we have a charming little air plant in a glass ornament. A festive red bow lets them easily hang it from their tree, shelf, mantel, or anywhere else that needs a bit of greenery and cheer. Air plants are a great choice for both first-time plant parents and long-time experts. Even after the holidays, they can display this cute little fellow in its bauble on a shelf or the fireplace mantel all year round.

And we also have created a SURPRISE enamel pin gift ornament! This gift box includes a clear ornament that opens up to reveal a random plant-themed enamel pin. There are four possible designs that your friend may receive: the Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, and Pilea Peperomioides. P.S. We also have a food themed option for this surprise pin gift if your friend is more of a foodie than a green thumb!

Both of these gifts come prettily packaged in gift box and are ready to be mailed out to the recipient. In other words, you can enter your friend or loved one's address, add a note that you want included, and we will mail the box, along with a card with your message on it, directly to your recipient. Perfect, easy, cross another one off your list!

For the kiddos

Does anyone love Christmas magic more than the little ones? From baking cookies for Santa and his reindeer to staying up late hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa coming down the chimney, there are so many Christmas traditions that capture kids' hearts. And to make that Christmas magic all the more real, include this "North Pole Official" naughty or nice certificate! Each card has been "personally" signed by Santa and stamped by his head elf. Mark off whether the kiddos have been little angels (nice) or little gremlins (naughty) and write their name to make it official, and include with their gifts on Christmas morning. They will love it—especially if they made it onto the nice list!

For giving someone that little motivational boost

Let's be honest—this year has been rough on a lot of people. You probably can think of a few people who could use a little motivation, inspiration, and self esteem boost right now. When we care about someone, we always want them to see themselves the way we see them. These three self love themed pins are a great way to remind them that they are beautiful souls, that they are worthy of love, and to love themselves. Choose from three different phrases: Self Love Club, I Can and I Will, and my personal favorite, Rise and Slay. And don't forget to pick one up for yourself too, because YOU too are beautiful and deserve to love, respect, and treat yourself!

For the indecisive food lover

interactive enamel pin

"I love all foods so much that I can never decide what to eat" — do you know anyone like this? Well, you can help them out with this What to Eat interactive enamel pin. This pin spins to help you choose between a variety of different cuisines. And its cheerful color palette is a favorite among Occasionalish fans! Suggested uses: pin on an apron or a kitchen bulletin board so that is always handy when your gift recipient is getting ready to prepare a meal.

For anyone and everyone

And for all of the types of people above (and all the rest as well), make sure to send them a card to let them know you are thinking of them as the year draws to a close. We've included a variety of holiday card types in our collection this year, from casual to formal, cozy to wintry, holiday cards, Christmas cards, and new year's cards. All of our 2020 holiday greeting cards come with kraft envelopes and are available both as an individual card and a box set of eight (at a hefty discount!). The cards are blank inside so that you can handwrite your own message, adding that special touch of fondness and love. Send one to each of your family members and friends, near or far, young or old. I guarantee reading your personal message to them will bring a smile to their face and cherished memories to their heart.

No matter what gifts or cards you buy, we at Occasionalish wish you a very happy holiday season and hope for the best for you this season and in the new year! We are always grateful for the support of our customers and followers, and appreciate every like, comment, share, and purchase. Thank you for loving Occasionalish! We can't wait to bring you more Occasionalish goodness in 2021!

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