3 Delicate Tender Gifts For Your Valentine/Galentine

3 Delicate Tender Gifts For Your Valentine/Galentine

3 Delicate Tender Gifts For Your

The sweetest and most loving time of year is coming closer. Why don't you take this special day to tell your partner how much you appreciate it with a handcrafted personalized gift? Don't lose sight of these 3 ideas for the perfect Valentine's gift to win your lover's heart:

Small gift Soy wax candle


A hand poured soy wax

Candles are never missing for a special night as a couple. But if you're not one of those who like cliché cheesy gifts, you can opt for a hand-poured soy wax candle that goes with your living room décor. Not only will you show your partner how much you love him/her, you'll also melt him/her with a unique message, that only you can understand, to feed the flame that brought you together from day one (wait, that sounded cheesy, isn’t?).


Small gift Succulent


A succulent mini pot

If you or your partner love natural home gardens but don't have the time or space for one, a mini pot with a lovely succulent is ideal if you want to decorate a forgotten corner of the room. They don't need much care, just enough water and all the natural light you can offer. They are long-lasting and beautiful plants, just like true love!


Small gift Gummy


Champagne gummy bears

They're small, yummy and you can give them away at any time, whether it's a birthday present to your favorite office co-worker, to celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary, or simply to surprise your partner as the perfect dessert on a romantic night. These gummy cuties are all ages friendly because they don't have alcohol, so you can even give them to a Mom-to-Be friend who have a sweet craving.

Would you like to see more? You can build you own gift box with a personalised card. Visit our online shop and let yourself be carried away by the romantic mood of the moment.


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