Ways to Show Appreciation to Coworkers - Employee Appreciation Day

Ways to Show Appreciation to Coworkers - Employee Appreciation Day

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Do you remember when you were in elementary school, and you were always interested in taking gifts to your teachers? You never wanted to leave them out. Not on Christmas, nor on Valentine’s Day. No matter what the occasion, we always shared gifts with teachers and often times we shared with other students in the class as well.

Now, fast forward to our adult lives. We don’t really get excited about those things anymore, do we? Of course we help our kids with their part, but what about for us?

What do I mean?

Work. We most likely have a job that allows us to work with other people. We also spend the most time working than other activities (beside sleeping, of course!) So what may be stopping us from celebrating these holidays, or any other things, which would result in the passing of gifts?

We all have those coworkers and/or employees that make the work place a bit better for us. They may be funny, or trustworthy. Something worth your appreciation from time to time. You may not be the best of friends outside of work, but at work, they would be classified as “bestie”. So how do you give small gifts to them?

Depending on the extent of your relationship with another coworker, you probably aren’t going to be buying extravagant, expensive gifts like you would for other people in your life. Though this may be true, you may still want to get them small gifts from time to time. Occasions such as major holidays, birthdays, thank yous, and get wells may come to mind. 

Small things that you get to know about your coworkers can aid in your attempt to provide beneficial gifts. For instance, I had a coworker who loved smell goods. Lotions, body mists, hand sanitizers, etc. This made for simple and very inexpensive gifts.

What are the best types of gifts for coworkers?

Small gift bags or boxes. These are some of the best gifts to get. Stuff a small gift bag or box with some of their favorites. These can be simple to haul from your house to the work space, and easy for your coworker to take home as well.

Gift Cards. Gift cards can be so easy. If you just have any idea of where your coworker likes to eat or shop, putting a few dollars into a gift card for that specific place can come in handy! It requires little to no effort on your end and can always be utilized. Who doesn’t like money they can spend that doesn’t come from their own pocket?

Food items. I don’t know about your coworkers, but all of the coworkers I’ve ever had all love to eat. Myself included. I am always grateful of any edible gifts. Fruit baskets, baked goods, an invitation to lunch. You name it! I’m sure your coworkers wouldn’t mind it either! 

Lastly, if you miss all of those: a simple "Thank you" goes a long way!

What type of gifts have you given your coworkers? What was the occasion?

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