5 New Hobbies to Try During the Pandemic

Pandemic life has thrown us all for a loop, but there are some positives too. For one, many of us have discovered new hobbies to help us pass the quarantine time.



Any new plant moms and dads out there? Hanging out with plant babies isn't quite a replacement for hanging out with our human friends (for most of us anyway), but it does help keep away the loneliness! Seeing those vibrant greens in my window soaking up the sun brightens my day so much. And with so many different types, colors, patterns, and shapes of plants out there, it's no wonder that so many people are discovering their inner green thumb. There is literally something for everyone's lifestyle. For example, for those of us who aren't up to the challenge of a high maintenance fiddle-leaf fig, there are snake plants, cacti, and air plants instead.



Another activity people have turned to for relaxation is the time-honored (and somewhat lost?) art of reading. In the hustle and bustle of daily commute and running in and out of the house, relatively few people can still find time for reading. Now that quarantine has brought us some alone time, we finally have an excuse to settle down in a cozy chair with a glass of iced tea and a book. Time for me to finally tackle those books sitting on my shelf that I've never had time to read!



It's not just reading, but writing too. Since it's been harder to connect with friends and family, writing letters and cards has started surging in popularity again! Have you heard? Snail mail is no longer just for bills and ads! It's amazing how something as simple as receiving a handwritten note in the mail from someone we are missing can mean so much. If you have a moment today, send a loved one a snail mail letter. I guarantee you'll bring a smile to their face, and who knows? They might just send you a letter back! And because I am always about supporting the USPS, if you're in need of stamps, check out the huge variety available at the USPS website. Whether you're into pop culture, outdoor activities, or even just shiny holographic designs, you'll find something that can add a personal touch to your outgoing mail.



Okay, I promise this is not a sponsored post, but I personally have been spending lots of bonding time with my iPad. For me, the iPad is a huge creative outlet for me. I create most of the Occasionalish designs on the iPad, or just doodle or practice lettering if I have some spare time. Or, like my nephews, lots of people have been looking to fun apps and games to ease their boredom. Since the pandemic started, I haven't been able to see my nephews often, but we can stay connected by playing multiplayer games together on the iPad. There also tons of apps that can teach you a productive new skill. You can learn a new language, brush up on your cooking skills, take up knitting, learn to code—the possibilities are endless!



Last but not least—quarantine doesn't always mean we need to stay cooped up inside. A lot of state parks and nature trails closed to the public this spring, but they are starting to open back up as people learn how to camp and hike safely. Hiking is a great way to get out of the house on a more casual basis, and can help us reconnect with nature and relieve our cabin fever or 2020 stress (is that an official term yet?). Or if you feel the need to get out of town, driving out to a camp site is a great weekend trip. Just be sure to check on any regulations that the camp site may have, and if you're going with people outside of your household, make sure to set up your tents in a way that allows to maintain at least six feet distance between each other.
Any other fun hobbies that you've picked up this year? There are definitely more than just the few I've mentioned here. There are still a few months left to 2020...I'm hoping I'll have a chance to start at least a couple of other hobbies as well before the end of the year!