A Guide To Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

A Guide To Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

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Long distance relationships, in any capacity, tend to get a bad rap. Whether you move in childhood from your friends, you attend a different college, or you accept a position in another state, your friendships should be able to withstand the distance. Often times, because of the bad reputation long distance has, we don’t know how to manage our friendships from a distance. We spend less time together than we normally would, life starts getting in the way, then we find ourselves seemingly drifting further and further. We talk less and less.

So what are some things you can do to ensure your long distance friendship doesn’t drift any further than the miles between you?

Make a point to reach out at least a few times a month. We all know that distance plus life is not normally a good combination as it pertains to trying to stay in touch with people. We get busy, days go by, next thing we know we haven’t talked to our best friends in months. Make it a point to text or call your friends a few times a month. If you prefer to stay in touch more, do so. You just want to make sure you touch base to share life stories a few times a month.

Don’t forget birthdays and holidays. I’m not the best at this, but I am trying to do a bit better. Sending small letters, gifts, and even presents for kids is a great way to ensure your friendship is maintained even throughout distance. This can even be a spontaneous gesture. What I mean by this is that if you just so happen to be out and about and see something that reminds you of that friend, pick it up and send it. These small gestures can go a long way in ensuring your friends feel remembered and special.

Schedule visits throughout the year. Try to schedule trips for you and your friends at least once a year. Being able to see your friends in person is a great thing to help maintain that relationship. Whether you visit them, they visit you, or you chose to take a small vacation trip and meet in the middle, give it a try. Allow for enough time to prepare financially on both side, and just do it. Who doesn’t want an excuse for a vacation anyway right?

Maintaining friendships doesn’t have to be complicated. And it shouldn’t be too much effort, as these are your friends. If you are having trouble staying in touch or maintaining the closeness you once had, try some of these things. With technology today, not even life should get in the way for too long. You want to ensure you keep the level of the relationship that you had before the distance, and even expound upon that.

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