4 SPOOKtacular ways to DIY this Halloween!

4 SPOOKtacular ways to DIY this Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween yet? At Occasionalish, we have been enjoying this spooky season with some DIY crafting (as we always do)! Here are some fun and easy crafts we came up with and how to make them, if you'd like to join along!

Throughout the post, we've linked to some of the tools and materials we used—feel free to use your own if you already have them, but if you need to purchase some, buying from these Amazon links will help us out.

First, I started with some Halloween themed doodles—pumpkins, ghosts, and anything that came to my mind when I hear the word Halloween! I've turned some of these drawings into coloring pages that you can download. The designs are simple enough for children to have fun coloring, but if you find them cute, feel free to relax and enjoy some downtime by filling these in too! ;)

Click to download the page one and page two and get your scribble on!


Here is a way to add some pizzazz to your Halloween party decor, or just to bring some Halloween spirit into your everyday life. You'll need a jar or vase, some paint in Halloween-y colors (I used white and orange, for candy corn colors), Mod Podge or a similar craft glue, brushes, and GLITTER.

Paint the top third of the jar in white, and the middle third in orange. Once the paint is dry, spread a coat of Mod Podge evenly over the bottom third of the jar. Use a liberal sprinkling of the glitter to cover all the Mod Podge. More is more here, so don't be shy!

Once the glitter layer is dry, apply one more coat of Mod Podge over it. This will seal the glitter in and make sure none falls off.

The result? Halloween themed holder for utensils, markers, candies—you name it!

Another cute one for the kids: chomping monster "mouths!" These little fiends are not only a playful decoration, but can also be great as storytelling helpers. Kids can use them to act out stories or as "puppets." When not being used, I suggest using them as decor by clipping them to candy bowls or jack-o-lantern stems, but let your imagination run wild!


You'll need a clothespin and our free template, which you can download here, plus markers to color them in. Print out the template and color in the monsters, then cut them out carefully. Make sure to also cut each monster into two pieces, cutting through the middle of the mouth as shown in the pictures. Glue or tape one half of the monster to each leg of the clothespin. Make as many as you like and get chompin' away!


And one more spooky decoration for all you witches out there—if you have some Christmas lights hanging out in your storage closet, this is the perfect way to get some extra use out of them! You'll also need some black construction paper, scissors, and a craft knife.

Download our black cat template. Choose the small sized template or large sized template based on your lights—you will want the eyes of the cat to be about as far apart as the light bulbs can reach. Trace the shape of the cat onto the black paper. You'll need to trace several of these—one cat for every two light bulbs. Once you've traced them, cut them out. Use the craft knife to cut two small slits for each "eye," using the +'s on the template as a visual guide.


Poke one light bulb into each "eye" of the cat, continuing down the strand until you've used up all your kitties.


You can drape the black cat garland over some pumpkins or hang them above your front door. When you light them up, they'll be sure to have your neighbors fur-eaking out about your purrfectly apawcalyptic Halloween decorations! For a colorful variation that you can use all year round, color in the cats on the printed template instead of tracing them onto black paper.

Be sure to tag #occasionalish on Instagram if these help bring out your Halloween spirit, and have a very happy Halloween!

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