3-month mentorship

3-month mentorship

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What’s included:

  • Two 90-minute video sessions a month 
  • Voxer voice and text messaging access between sessions to help integrate what we explore in session and to answer any other questions that may come up
  • Access to my knowledge and experience about what’s needed to start an online business
  • Access to the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a creative entrepreneur
  • Me holding space for you to process your thoughts, feelings, and decisions you make for your business
  • My eyes on you and your business so I can offer tailored advice based on your specific needs
  • Me as a cheerleader so you can dream big and tap into your potential
  • A guiding hand in helping you shift your mindset so you can enjoy running a business and do more than what you first

You don't have to do it alone.

I am grateful that, despite my initial fears, I invested in a coach who believed in me. And now, I believe in you! This package is designed to help you move from a place of feeling “stuck” to a place of clarity, purpose, and direction. It will allow you access to the support you need to run a profitable business that makes you feel good.

**A 15 min call before purchasing is recommended!**